The completion of the expansion project Salehia channel and the return of agricultural contracts in Dhi Qar

Dhi Qar / justice - 00:34 - 01/12/2016

Said first deputy governor of Dhi Qar just Aldechala, on the completion of the expansion project Salehia channel in the district of Sayed Intruder 20-km-long, pointing to the possibility of the return of canceled agricultural contracts in those areas and increasing water releases. He said Aldechala in a statement on Monday that "the process of expanding and deepening the validity channel 20 km long, was completed in record time, an estimated {5} months and the efforts of a national exclusive, in collaboration with the technical staffs Department Cree rivers and the Directorate of Dhi Qar resources. "He added Aldechala that" the province has sought to find quick solutions to save the delivery of water to the areas Mr. intruder crisis after failed to project lining the Shatt Al-Ibrahim and ill-executed despite the cost {30} billion Iraqi dinars and to allocate it to the Integrity Commission by us. "He continued that" the water will reach Alhsasrh area and or fat until the end of each Ibrahim will be Christa running the stations pumping way rotation, to contribute in solving the problem of water shortage suffered by those areas, "He pointed President of the Agricultural Committee in Dhi Qar to" near re agricultural contracts for the owners of farms and agricultural land to take advantage of their crops and marketing of their product. "He called Aldechala to" national product the largest possible area for the revival of agriculture and investment support in Dhi Qar encourage farmers to tend to their lands and provide the necessary services to them. "