The agricultural sector .. perfect replacement for oil

1201 2016
Congress stressed the necessity of activating the agricultural sector in the country to support the local economy and gross national product, especially if world oil prices continues to decline and returned it of its negative repercussions on the Iraqi budget rentier taken from the main source of oil imports.

Diversification of resources

Chairman of the parliamentary clans Abboud al-Issawi, he saw that the work on the development of the agricultural sector in Iraq, an important need at the present time, would diversify the country's imports and lifting the burden of gravity oil sector, which suffered a setback in global prices for the time being.

Issawi said the "morning": "The activation of the agricultural sector would also run a large proportion of the workforce, and thus reduce unemployment and find a source of income for a large and important segment of Iraqi society who profession is agriculture and live in the countryside and they make up 30 percent of the Iraqis."

Obstacles President

He stressed the Chairman of the clans in Parliament, the importance of the state to take notice of the most important challenge that hinders the activation of the agricultural sector, a deterioration suffered by the infrastructure of Iraq's agriculture, as it is well known that a lot of irrigation projects and projects of drainage was stopped, either due to lack of advanced agricultural machines keep pace with the global development taking place in this area, or because of the lack of electrical power for the operation of these projects, not to mention the need for these Alambazl to rehabilitation to be able to return to work.

The elements of the task

In return for this, al-Issawi pointed out what is available in the Iraqi Agriculture of the ingredients help to advance strongly and push forward the development, the human elements is the availability of expertise and competencies and manpower, natural ingredients is the presence of fertile land and water resources, noting that there are large tracts of arable land for agriculture irrigation, and areas suitable for the cultivation of rain-fed, and this bringing the total renewable water per year at the level of the Tigris and Euphrates and their tributaries to about 70 billion meters Mkaab.ocd Chairman of the Committee, the need for capacity utilization Youth Academy in the development of the agricultural sector of specialists in the agricultural sector and support by the state and rely on the local product, marketing and promotion.

Create jobs

For his part, he praised the member of the Committee on Agriculture and the marshes in the House of Representatives MP Mansour Baaja, to the lack of the agricultural sector in Iraq, the so-called with activities complementary and assistance, especially in the modern marketing of agricultural products and industries dependent on surplus agricultural production and insufficient fertilizer producing high imported production inputs prices areas.

He called Baaja during his speech for the "morning", the State to "develop a plan for the development of the agricultural sector, to be a source equivalent to oil production," stressing "the importance of supporting the agricultural sector as one of the priorities required, especially that most sector's ability to bring the same qualification at the present time investment costs less relatively than other sectors, "noting that" the agricultural sector is able to create additional job opportunities contribute to the reduction of the phenomenon of growing unemployment in Iraqi society. "

Conventional methods

And the deputy that "the agricultural sector still depends traditional methods of use of the means of production, which depends on irrigation Alchrista by conventional means, with the exception of some of the projects which applied to modern irrigation techniques and manual labor in most agricultural operations and the consequential of local seeds and not seeds and varieties improved in addition to the lack of agricultural operations to the use of advanced technology. "

In turn, relied member of the Economic Committee Attorney Nora Albjara, on the agricultural sector for the time being to support the national economy, indicating that an important part of achieving food security for citizens.

Samed sector

She Albjara "morning": that "the agricultural sector is the most resilient to the difficult economic conditions that the country is currently experiencing, and of war and occupation, which destroyed most of the economic activity and paralyzed, especially industrial activity," emphasizing "the need to rely on agriculture at the present time in light of relapse World oil prices, and work on the development of this sector to be an important alternative and tributary good for the state budget, which has become powerless because of its dependence on one source of income. "

Al Sabaah 2016