Financial crisis may refer seven million employees and retired to unemployment


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tgariraadoah Hilali: Effects of the statement made ​​by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, a few days ago about the government's inability to pay salaries of employees in next April, reactions negative among the staff.

Although the Minister Zebari returned and denied the permit, and noted the need to find alternatives to ensure the rights of employees, but the resentment is still going on as long as the staff feel that their salaries are threatened and that the doors of their livelihood could be shut down.

Considers employee Mason al-Asadi said such a statement raises concern and frustration among the staff reflected on their morale and performance in their constituencies, as each employee monthly spending budget associated with salary and is distributed by according to priorities.

She says, "There wage housing that eat up most of the salary sometimes or received loans from the state or advances organized by the staff with each other and there are debt as well as other necessary requirements of life as lines transport lines and generators civil and subscriptions online tutoring."

Criticized the targeting of staff austerity decisions which It resulted from the state budget and lower oil prices, deficit, and confirms that this segment are the most vulnerable to resource their livelihood because the staff have organized their lives according to their salaries and do not have most of them the ability to exercise other works, as the government did not provide them with pieces of land or housing or health insurance at least for a limited need to pay to other requirements.

For its part, consider employee invocation Mahmoud to this subject from another angle, Valtsrih not to grant staff salaries in next April will lead to high market prices because it will inevitably affect the consumer situation for the employee and catch a market paralyzed what could lead to increased operations robbery, kidnapping and deviation.

And think invocation seriously in the exploitation of the balance of the annual vacations after he had refused the principle of a lot of the licenses for the sincerity in their work and its commitment to complete, and says: What's proposal to commit to attendance while the employee feels that he waits for the decision to submit it to the (unemployment), at a time when quick many employees to provide retirement transactions despite their lack of requisite functional service, Valthad for them can be a guarantee of job that consumes time and effort in exchange for salary subject per day to limbering probably evaporate soon!

Statistics show that seven million people are paid salaries of the total population of Iraq that an estimated 36 million, as the government pays amounted to 52 trillion dinars to pay employees and pensioners of what constitutes a large proportion of the budget, which amounts to 105 trillion dinars depending on the amount of the sale of oil per month, as the parliamentary committee in parliament indicated.

Shall not be considered an economist Muhammad al-Zubaidi Minister of Finance permit real, you will not things up according to his opinion to deprive employees of their salaries quite as necessary to find new outlets to secure their salaries and expenses of the State other Ktheselha from the sale of oil, despite lower prices or through loans, all that is collected from the sale of oil turns to Iraqi currency after selling it to the central bank then pays the salaries of the staff.

He believes that this crisis will push Iraq to the exploitation of other outlets to collect revenue Kalkmark and collection, taxes, industry, agriculture, tourism, and there is another option would be to sell oil and receive money in advance or raise pricing citizens services such as water, electricity and fuel But such an option must be faced objections campaign and rejected by the citizens.

Zubaidi and supported not to grant full salaries option is better than completely blocked that the state paid the remainder Bzmtha the employee, even if after a while .. But what said about reducing working hours or grant staff salary nominal only are purely proposals circulated by social networking sites and express the size of the anxiety experienced by Iraqi employee currently.

However it is just a proposal, it has brought a semblance of concern among employees also expressed that the official Qais Jabbar, who has received housing loan from the state and upon the payment of the rest of the installments and, if received only salary nominal will not be he can run and put the standard of living in an appropriate way.

Wondering Jabbar for an alternative that can help the employee to pass such a crisis, does the staff practiced all other work, and where such actions are available in the light of the spread of unemployment in Iraq?

while making fun of the employee Ali al-Husseini of new decisions even if they are not applied because it targets a simple employee salary and turn a blind eye on the officials' salaries and spending state funds without the expense .

Wondering Husseini quipped: Do you turn to all taxi drivers? Then corrects saying: I will not also get a good livelihood, there will be a passenger many if absent salaries or shrunk!.

For his part, confirms the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Sarhan Ahmad is the view of Finance Minister Zebari in his statement, and indicates that Iraq is currently going through one of the toughest financial crises in light of the decrease in oil prices and the government actually fail to secure the employees' salaries or working to delay it until getting revenue, either through the sale of oil or through other alternatives Kthesel taxes, for example, and reducing government spending or borrowing.

He pointed out the necessity of activating the role of the sector and private investment to support the public sector after stopping imports from abroad, and to pay attention to virtually the agricultural sector and the exploitation of spaces Iraq Agricultural vast and attention to the cultivation of palm and livestock.

In order to control this economic crisis, the staff still living days worrying while waiting for a denial of the statements and rumors that affect the most important nerve in their lives, or at least convincing solutions for the crisis to pass without prejudice to their salaries.