Parliamentary regions: the provinces raise the noise .. We will not surrender her

On: Friday 3/9/2012 8:20

 Baghdad / long
accused the Committee of the Regions and provincial parliaments, on Thursday, some of the provincial councils of incompetence in the management functions of their provinces, while confirming that they will not "give in" to pressure some of them, which was considered an attempt to cover up poor management. comes the charge after the call the Baghdad Provincial Council on yesterday to his counterparts in the provinces to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the "excesses" of the Parliamentary Committee of the Regions represented by its president to the provinces.

And working for the Committee of the Regions parliamentary with the Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs to finalize the draft amendments to the Law 21 of 2008 after agreeing a mix between a government amendments with the version of the parliamentary.
Committee Chairman Mohammad entity, told the Kurdish news agency that "the amendments made ​​by the Committee of the Regions on the law of the regions and governorates irregular region may not be in the interests of some officials in the provincial personal, so they raise the noise. "
The entity that "the withdrawal of the status of legislation from the provincial issue that is not returned to me in person or members of the Committee of the Regions there is a law and the Constitution and the observations and the opinion of a federal court and the proposals will go before the House of Representatives and will be discussed. "
continued the Chairman of the Committee of the Regions parliamentary "If they want to (provincial) control not to their efficiency, I would not if I give charity to the pressure and I have data for all provinces to the percentage of completion where, some of which is high and the other is very low," adding that "some want to cover up the incompetence to raise problems. "
According to Article (115) of the Iraqi Constitution that "all matters not provided for in the exclusive powers of the federal authorities, the powers of the regions and governorates not organized in a region, and other powers shared between the federal government and regions have priority to the law of the regions and governorates not organized in a region in the event of disagreement between them. "
raised the Law of Governorates not organized territory of a political debate between local governments and the federal government, which accused the latter restricts its powers and its impact on so I decided governorates of Salah al-Din, Diyala, hinted Anbar to the formation of the territory of an independent administratively and economically.
complain that many of the boards provinces of the restriction imposed by the federal government as well as disable the Law 21 of 2008, which granted broad powers.
Furthermore, criticized the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives vote in parliament to block pensions for members of local councils, saying it will adopt the reconsideration of the subject of the vote.
The MP said the block belonging to 'Abdul-Hussein Abtan "The mass is not satisfied with the vote on the abolition of pensions for members of municipal councils," asserting that "the cluster will adopt the subject of review in the case of voting."
said Abtan that "the local council members have contributed over the years in the stability regions and have made ​​efforts clear in the service of citizens ", adding that it" is not fair that rewarded in this way and obscure for them their pensions. "
The House of Representatives had voted during its meeting held in, February 23, 2012, to stop the implementation of an earlier decision taken in 2010 in the light of the amended law of councils Provincial No. 21 of 2008, The amendment Previous coverage all of the work in the local councils for a period of six months and above the rights of pension is calculated on the basis of the degree of assistant general manager, which prompted a lot of council members of staff in government institutions to give up their jobs in their desire to obtain on pensions amounting to 758 thousand dinars for each one of them.
The decision sparked great resentment by the local council members, current and former, in many provinces, including Basra, Najaf, Babil and Diwaniya who were demonstrating to demand to reverse the decision, and threatened to organize demonstrations in major in the capital Baghdad and in front of the Arab summit conference in the coming weeks in the event of failure to respond to their demands.