Electricity: the "culture of Albulah" hinder the payment of bills and collection of money measures

The spokesman for the Electricity Minister Mohammed Fathi, Saturday, that the continuation of the ministry to work in the old Baltsairh, while detecting the absence of functional degrees in the ministry attributing the cause to a lack of adequate financial allocations. Fathi said L / scales News /, that "so far the Ministry of Electricity has not developed a new pricing and continue on the old pricing," stressing that "there are no new pricing for the time being."
He added, "The citizen depends on what the name of" culture Albulah "This is a big problem for the economy of Iraq, the Ministry of Electricity," noting that "pay the bill will lead to electricity significantly improve attributing the cause to the money collection ministry would help in the implementation of maintenance and fuel purchase operations" . He pointed out that "the financial allocations for the Ministry of very few and almost not worth anything for the ministry," explaining that "the ministry has a great shortage of fuel."
He continued, "The ministry has introduced power stations in Diwaniyah, Amarah," stressing that "the ministry able generate more than 16 000 mega but the actual production is now no more than 9,800 Mega attributing the cause to a lack of financial resources and the scarcity of fuel."
Revealing the lack of "the existence of functional degrees in the ministry attributing the cause to a lack of" .

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