Governor of Baghdad: Signs Memorandum of Understanding with a number of international companies to implement Almcha

2016-01-09 00:29:34 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Governor of Baghdad, Ali Mohsen al-Tamimi signed a memorandum of understanding with a number of international companies for the implementation of a number of housing, roads, schools, health and infrastructure projects in the capital and in a way (payment on credit). "
A spokesman for the Baghdad governorate morning Znگnh In a statement MEMRI Information Office of the Governor of Baghdad today: The governor of Baghdad, a memorandum of understanding signed with a number of representatives of Chinese companies, Thai and European to complete service projects in the capital, as well as discuss strategic plans and projects and future special of construction and reconstruction areas. "
He Znگnh: The province of Baghdad is an urgent need to develop the service side and promotion after a large number of projects as a result of the financial crisis, and carried out by the province according to the latest international standards rapidly and sophisticated and the duration of a short time, noting that "the MOU aims to open future avenues for the better ".
He added that the Baghdad province welcomes cooperation and contracting with major specialized in the field of reconstruction and construction of foreign companies, including Max Re Group companies as they have a large and active role to serve the development of the service level in the province. "
The Znگnh: The signing of a memorandum of understanding between the province and companies spend discreet built a number of housing projects and infrastructure, as well as road projects, schools, water and health projects in a way payment on credit. "
PIO for the governor of Baghdad