Abadi: the collapse of oil prices will be the strength and usefulness of us
Editor Mohammed Shafiq - Thursday January 7, 2016 19:53

Alsumaria News/Baghdad
said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Thursday, that the collapse of world oil prices would be a "force" for Iraq and the "benefit" of stimulating positive, as called for activating the single window in the investment, expressed regret to the decline in the cultivation of palm in Iraq. Ebadi said through a meeting with the private sector delegation Economic Organizations for investment and reconstruction, according to a statement his office Alsumaria News received a copy of it, that "the country is facing a serious challenge, along with terrorism and of lower oil prices," adding that "the collapse in oil prices will force us and The benefit to stimulate positive and that we started from through the promotion of industry and government expenditures pressure and speed up the reform steps. "

He said al-Abadi, "that we are serious in partnership between the private and the public sector, but we are suffering from, represented that the change does not have to change the laws of only a problem but rather to change the stereotyped thinking and this requires cooperation to overcome", calling for "activating the single-window in investment and properly implemented through a look sound specialist to follow the shortest way to reach the goal. "He Abadi expressed regret for" the decline palm cultivation in the country, "stressing" the importance of working to activate the steps that would be palm cultivation in the right direction.

"He stressed Abadi" the importance of activating tourism and create a safe and healthy environment for them. " he said, adding that "there is a tremendous heritage in Iraq it is necessary to draw the attention of the world to him."

The price of oil fell on Thursday (January 7, 2015), to less than $ 33 a barrel for the first since April time in 2004 as it declined Chinese stocks raised concerns already nervous investors access to a record high production levels and the growth of huge stocks of crude oil and refined products with low demand.