Regional Government Kstan announce next week the second beam reform

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced that it will announce next week for the second phase of the reform projects, indicating that it consists of 7 points.
A member of the review committee projects reformist Arras Khoshnaw in a press statement, he said that "the second phase of the reform project of the government is ready, which is made ​​up of seven points has been completed and will be announced next week."
He explained that "reforms of the Kurdistan Regional Government project, which will include several areas, and will be the implementation of reforms in every area independent as a package, a number of different stages ".
He denied Khoshnaw, that" include the second phase of the reforms of the Kurdistan Regional Government to reduce salaries, noting that what has been talked about is to regulate the provisions only, and not to reduce salaries.
"The Kurdistan Regional Government announced In the 21st of last month, the first approved a package of reforms aimed at reducing the financial expenses and increase income in order to get out of the financial crisis plaguing Balakulaim.