Iran willing to cooperate with Iraq

THURSDAY, 08 MARCH / MARCH 2012 19:29

Twilight News / Iranian Vice President for International Affairs, on Thursday, Iran's readiness to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, pointing out that Iran is "made by Iraq" and would like to strengthen cooperation with Iraq.

He said Ali Said Lu, in the course of his meeting Iraqi Vice President Khudair Khuzaie, who is visiting Tehran, accompanied by Minister of Electricity and human rights, youth and sports, and a number of members of the Iraqi parliament, to the joint cooperation between the two countries in the fields of economic, political, cultural, and said that "Iran welcomes cooperation between the two peoples of Iran and Iraq, "declared" ready "Iran to transfer its experience to Iraq.

The two sides stressed that the increased level of economic and political cooperation between Tehran and Baghdad serves the interests of both countries, as well as the interests of the region and the world, noting the availability of the energies of the two countries, calling to "increase the level of bilateral cooperation in diverse areas including energy, oil and infrastructure."

He added that the parties "close ties between Iran and Iraq constitute a strong barrier against common enemies of both countries."