Agriculture: Production of 13 million of chick embryos in Karbala

Announced the Agriculture Department of the province of Karbala, affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture for its production to more than 13 million of chicks in the province.
According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "hatcheries eggs operating in the province of Karbala, five hatcheries and adult edition has produced 13 million and 556 thousand and 562 pullet to be used for different purposes, whether for breeding chicken eggs or for the purposes of the production of meat."
He said "The number of chicks produced by local whites reached more than five million while the total number of chicks produced from imported eggs Aktrmen eight million."
The statement pointed out that "the number of eggs the shrine during the past year in hatcheries Karbala reached more than 22 million eggs, including more than seven millions of eggs from domestic production, while eggs shrine importer of more than 149 million eggs.
"He added that" the poultry sector of great interest by the Ministry of Agriculture by giving investors and poultry farmers different loans, in addition to the feed of various kinds, according to need fields in order to encourage This important sector, which flows into the local market meat products and eggs ".