Dhi Qar welcomes the establishment of private oil company expects to provide 5,000 new jobs


She province of Dhi Qar management, welcomed the approval of the Council of Ministers on the establishment of a private oil company in the governorate, and is expected to contribute to the support of the local economy and provide five thousand new jobs, and as revealed its intention to bring in global investment companies to establish oil refinery, it confirmed that the Ministry of Oil has agreed to the opening of the Institute for the preparation of the Angels moderation needed to operate the company.
The governor of Dhi Qar Yahia Nasseri, during a joint press conference with his first deputy just Aldechala, in the Office of the province and attended (range Press), said that "a formal Cabinet approval for the establishment of Dhi Qar Oil Company, came upon multiple claims of the administration of the province", He predicted that "the company believes in more than five thousand jobs for the people of Dhi Qar and the evolution of the oil industry and revive the economy of the province as well as the national economy."
Naciri added that "Dhi Qar has large oil reserves exceed twenty billion barrels requires the need to develop the extractive industry where", noting that "the administration of the province will work in coordination and cooperation with the Oil Ministry to manage the oil's preservation and the introduction of international companies to invest in it, especially in the administration of refinery oil Dhi Qar runway within the licensing rounds. "
For his part, the first deputy governor of Dhi Qar just Aldechala said during the conference that "the Council of Ministers today decided to separate the oil department of Dhi Qar for the Southern Oil Company by agreeing to establish Oil Company of Dhi Qar, and this is what enables the advancement of the oil industry, development and provide more job opportunities for the unemployed and alumni. "
Aldechala explained that "the administration of the province and its board and team-up have made an extraordinary effort to establish a managed oil company Dhi Qar of its oil fields and development management," pointing out that "the administration of the province's efforts with the Ministry of oil resulted in its approval of the opening of the Oil Institute in Dhi Qar to prepare the Angels moderation necessary" .
The Cabinet has formally approved, Tuesday, (the fifth of current January 2016), the founding of Dhi Qar Oil Company.