Vice calls on Washington to repair the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran
Dated: January 6, 2016

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed Kurdish lawmaker Arenas Jean, "The United States is committed to the need to reform the diplomatic relations between Tehran and Riyadh, being the two large in the region and could provide assistance in the war on Daash." He said Rinas Jean in a press statement today: "The There are a lot of problems that Washington should solve the most prominent is the existence of a gang of terrorist Daash, and Washington in general, take into account the scientific, regardless of what is going on between the Middle East countries. "He added that" in the time it formed alliances to fight Daash, including the four-party alliance, the Alliance International, arise differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia, "noting that" these differences would hurt alliances and weaken. "He continued," The problems experienced by the Middle East is not a quick solution, and the priority today, the United States is the elimination of terrorism, and later Stlf for the repair and restoration of relations between the Middle East countries, ".ochhd relations between Tehran and Riyadh unrest against the backdrop of the execution of cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr, one of the senior Shiite clerics and prominent opposition figures to the Saudi regime.