Address the structural imbalances of the economy and move production services 1/6
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Thread: Address the structural imbalances of the economy and move production services 1/6

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    Address the structural imbalances of the economy and move production services 1/6

    Address the structural imbalances of the economy and move production services

    1/7/2016 0:00

    BAGHDAD - Imad emirate
    linked to the funding process and the growth of the Iraqi economy, the development of the balance of payments, The surplus in the balance of payments generated by high oil prices and increase the amount of oil exports generates an increase in government revenue from foreign currency.

    The improvement in the financial position of the government increases the desire and the ability of government agencies responsible for the preparation of the general budget to adopt an expansionary fiscal programs pay expenses to the roof top down.

    Balance of payments means the summary of the financial transactions that are conducted, during a certain period of time, between the various countries and country foreign.

    Academic d. Awad Fadhil said «morning»: «in light of idle domestic production and its inability to keep pace with the expansion of access inalienable and cope with excess aggregate demand, dependence on imports to meet the needs of the consumer and productivity of the local economy a foregone conclusion becomes».

    He pointed to the importance of addressing the low level of production capacities As a result of government investment shortage and the predominance of character non-productive government expenditure and lack of private real investment as a result of the dominance of the aspects of a service activity on most of the acts of the private sector, pointing to the importance stand at the structural imbalances of the economy, which was the most prominent features engage this activity in a yield economy a service when the oil exclude embodied atrophy the contribution of total merchandise productive activities that do not exceed 28 percent in the composition of GDP, with a predominance of the contribution of the oil sector in its composition coupled with the weakness of his contribution to absorb the labor force and the absence of operating policies, stressing the need to increase training and rehabilitation programs for the labor force to raise and diversify the skills and the demand for them.

    He said Fadel : «The combination of these factors indicate that the college adopted policies Ataatrk large and sustained expansionary effects on the movement of economic activities, development and employment opportunities, as it has become inherent in recession, a prominent feature of the Iraqi economy».

    Indicating that the high unemployment rate in the Iraqi economy is a fact that is difficult to deny that differed determine unemployed to the total labor force between official bodies estimated by between 11 percent and 33 percent, coupled with statements and statements contradictory in most cases the views of non-formal and international reach its estimate to 50 percent.

    He concluded by saying: «Whatever the accuracy of this lineage, they indicate an imbalance in the performance of macro-economic policies and to be generating economic climate is stable, works to strengthen the uncertainty and expectations is optimistic that raise the degree of improvement for the future construction of foreign assets have a high ability to secure economic and social stability of a self-holders ».
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