Jaafari talking about the Iraqi mediation between Iran and Saudi Arabia .. and Zarif: face the crisis with restraint

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Iraq's move to calm the atmosphere between Iran and Saudi Arabia, to go towards the Arab League and the Arab Council of Ministers, as he emphasized Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, said his country faced Arabia procedures spaciousness chest and restraint.
He said al-Jaafari, who is visiting Tehran, currently, on Wednesday, at a joint news conference with his Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, "we started the move after the Cabinet decision of the need to act to calm the atmosphere which has seen a bit of tension in the region, especially that we have close ties with Iran by virtue of neighbor and common interests and our relations with the Arabs all of them, so it can not be for Iraq to stand silent and neutral attitude towards any crisis, what that occurred this crisis, and that Iraq felt the need for the initiative and move to stop it, especially now that tensions may drag the region into the implications of an expanded and problems. "
He added that "embarked upon by the Court in ruling on Sheikh Nimr Astnkernah and consider it a crime, especially as the man of the advocates of reform, and he emphasizes the non-recourse to arms and the use of peaceful method to take the rights, and this is the epitome of at least be exhibitions speaks this way of civilization."
And between al-Jaafari, "I have moved since the previous King Abdullah stage at this level and we got the words to reassure against taking such a step, and said that the judgment there will be action towards it, but we were surprised to embark on this step was for us shock," adding, "We do not interfere in the affairs of one but when the layer of scientists can not stand idly by. "
He stressed, "We now have to prevent the repercussions of the problem and do not allow the enemies of the region and Islam countries to take the region into war and urgent problems," noting "Since yesterday I called five or six of the Arab foreign ministers and head of the University of Orabi countries Nabil Elaraby, In Tehran, and we continue to talk with Arab foreign ministers Our goal of meetings calm the atmosphere and resolve the problem in a peaceful manner. "
He added, "I am well pleased to prefer him Zarif [Iranian Foreign Minister] of shedding light on the things we did not know exactly, as it has facto administration in Iran and high wisdom," pointing out that "that took place must be understood by all governments of the world Arab and Iran were not with any attack and were eager to peace. "
He explained Foreign Minister al-Jaafari, said that "Iraq of magnitude site is facing a war against Aldoaash entered its second year and recorded victories impressive and deter enemy that falls in front of the armed forces including the crowd and the Peshmerga and clans, despite the fact that the citizens and employees of the Aldoaash from more than 100 countries, and on the Iraqi land However, only Iraqis do not interfere with one from any country .. our advisors and Dohme is limited to consultation. "
Turning al-Jaafari, to the Turkish incursion in northern Iraq, saying "in this confrontation happened incident by Turkey to go beyond the borders of Iraq and access to Bashiqa, and we started a diplomat and dialogue direct with Turkey in the hope of a solution, Turkey on geographical proximity and categorically reject interference and breach of Iraqi sovereignty, and site rejection of this breakthrough Noaslha and made efforts to keep the relationship on the part of a breach of sovereignty and rejected by another. "
He pointed out that "the Security Council denounced the intervention overtaking and demanded Turkey to pull out and solve the issue, as we moved into the home and in the Arab League of Arab States, which was held in 25 of the last month, the decision came out to meet and denounce this thing and ask Turkey to withdraw."
It was to be "Iraq did not forget to continue his diplomatic efforts and as he was strong on the battlefield is a strong diplomatic front, it needs to courage reservation for Iraq's security and stability in the region, eastern and western Iraq countries, as we are from the beginning and Alan intensive quest to prevail peace and security in the region especially between Iran and Saudi Arabia, because of the benefit of the region and the countries to be a good relationship between us. "
On the reason for Iraq move towards a truce between Iran and Saudi Arabia, al-Jaafari said: "It is strange that does not move Iraq because we we have with Iran and document history and geographical relations and the justice of the cause, and at the same time are linked with Saudi Arabia as a neighborhood and by virtue of the common sense of the importance of the relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and that this problem may extend to other countries, and Iraq in the heart of the region, it is natural that invests Iraq take its role and its relations with Iran and at the same time with Saudi Arabia. "
He explained, "We consider this task dumped on us to try to calm the crisis if heated up to the disaster will pull the repercussion on the whole region, and will not differentiate between the land and the land and would be extended to the entire region, so in order to prevent the repercussions of the crisis it was necessary for us to move, so we moved the phone with the Arabs, and I will be visiting some Arab countries to create an atmosphere close and I'll invest Arab Ministers Council to be held next Sunday and I'm going to do and I'll get. "
And what he will present Jaafari, through the Council of Arab Ministers meeting, that "the meeting will be held on Sunday and Sagelb him attention and talk about the nature of relations in the region, regardless of their ideological and national differences, and all the things the side but must focus on the unity of the region and the dangerous escalation which would drag the region to the woes, so you must rearrange the priorities in the risks and interests, and our role all of us as long as Iran respects the sovereignty of states, and states respect the sovereignty of Iran and what is being said is nothing but illusions and the question of the existence of differences in the majority in Iran and Saudi Arabia is a cause of dialogue and brotherhood ".
"There are plans of Arab countries and some countries that progress on the negative practices and must uphold the unity of ranks and the floor, and you must save the region and the maintenance of the tension that rose going to hurt if everyone without exception."
For his part, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif, during the conference that during the meeting with al-Jaafari talking about "confronting terrorists in Iraq and the threat of Daash against Iraq and Syria, and there was discussed among ourselves and we will continue to discuss, as we talked today the special circumstances that befell the region after the killing of the world and a man of religion Tinker martyr Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, as we discussed in this regard and the action which can not in any way be justified against the person who dedicated his life to reform through peaceful means and dialogue and dealing and the use of civilian capabilities, and his life was a vow to oppose any military and armed terrorism and extremism procedure. "
"I can not justify what happened to this world and a man of religion, as the world's little resentment and condemnation toward this incident," he said, adding that "there was a great attempts and efforts of Iran in fighting terrorism, extremism and that threat directed to the countries in this region and other countries more than the past and there are some countries fueling this danger. "
He continued, "We were always talking about cooperation and exchange of ideas and opinions, but some of our neighbors and in Saudi Arabia they have adopted is that, with regard to the nuclear deal opposed the agreement next to the Zionist entity and some of the actions that were against the Iranian people and their attempts to reduce oil prices," pointing out that "Iran These movements faced with open arms and chest restraint, because we are convinced that further tensions and create crises in the region does not indicate the presence of force, but shows a weakness at Almajajin must be the face of this business with dignity. "
He stressed, "We have adopted this policy, but, unfortunately, the Iranian move had misunderstood the Arab neighbor, and there was no response to this," noting that "this path leads to inflame and create crises."
Zarif pointed out that "Iran is not looking for a crisis do not want, and we explained our policies in the government of the measure and the establishment of Iran on the basis of conviction to achieve unity in the Islamic world to confront the enemies of Islam and the Zionist entity and the extremists who distort the reputation of Islam and invoking the name of Islam and the Muslim world and take advantage of these concepts as they stain in Islamic world".
Zarif stressed "We must confront the danger of this collective, and there is a joint action of the Islamic world, and we have made our best and it was in Iran seizes itself in this area and we will continue to do so."
And about attacks on the Saudi consulate in Iran, between Zarif said "the situation happened Saturday night in Tehran, Mashhad, the events are not acceptable and all the officials in Iran, whether military or judicial or executive authority condemned the practice, and the government of Iran is committed to legitimately and legally that provides guests Protection as diplomats, "stressing that" Iran would punish those responsible for the incident and face a legal ".
He Iranian Foreign Minister that "Iran has provided all the protection of diplomatic headquarters of the Saudi Embassy and the Saudi consulate, It is regrettable that the Saudi government is following the same policy of creating tensions," noting "we say that the tension does not benefit any party, and the policy of Iran to cooperate with all neighbors and we want to always truce with the neighbors and the Arab world as part of the Muslim world, we have a special respect. "
He called on all parties to "unity and be one hand against sectarianism and terrorism and atonement, and not to continue in their work to Aajajoa fire these actions because they are considered a threat to everyone no doubt they Sictoon with fire."
He thanked Zarif, Foreign Minister al-Jaafari, the "initiative launched in connection with the exchange of ideas and opinions in the region", and expressed his hope that everyone in the region depends on "a common understanding and to know the common threat and they confronted jointly, and not to create more tension."
And Iran's response to the feet of Saudi Arabia to cut ties with them, and find alliances in this regard, between Zarif "We believe that in the Muslim world, we must all cooperate against the procedures and forms that oppose Islam, a penance, terrorism, extremism and sectarianism, we meet in one place and are cooperating and we alliances against others, they do not benefit, not a positive, it is not able to face Iran. "
He pointed out that "Iran were not satisfied with such ways and mechanisms do not think they are in favor of the Muslim world, and we believe that all the world is facing a threat and a common challenge and addressing need joint action must be who did not realize the danger, or that they were partners in it to go back to their senses because he Saquihm more than others. "
And reports that discuss Iran's Foreign American ministers of the crisis region in a telephone interview, said Zarif, "closer to the implementation of the agreement and after a few days we get to implementation of the nuclear deal and the greater role played by Iran and America, and on this basis there was between us and the Kerry touch [US Secretary of State John Kerry], and there were contacts by e-mail, because we are on the verge of implementation of the agreement and in the coming days there will be meetings between the parties and our colleagues in the 5 +1 and meetings must be managed their affairs through coordination in this matter. "
He stressed that "the fundamental issue with Kerry the implementation of the nuclear deal, and since the first news in the world was short measures taken by Saudi Arabia, any diplomat based exchange of views, but does not mean entry with the negotiations in this regard, negotiations are limited to the nuclear deal and how to implement it."