Infallible lead a new round of negotiations between the Kurdish parties

January 6th, 2016

Barzani refuses to change the three proposals to contain the presidency of the region crisis
Sulaimaniyah - Abbas Karzi:
The MDC has rejected proposals made by the president of the region of the outgoing Massoud Barzani to contain the current crisis in the Kurdistan region, while informed sources confirmed for the care of the President Fuad Masum, in addition to the former secretary general of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan Salahuddin Bahauddin, an initiative to bridge the gap in views between the parties rival, and especially the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Movement for Change, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) denied his quest to renew the Convention and the Strategic with the Kurdistan Democratic Party reiterated its commitment to general consensus in the region.
The MDC said in a statement the new morning received a copy of the conditions proposed by the Kurdistan Democratic Party leader Massoud Barzani to end the crisis over the presidency of the region, which is not new and was tried in the past had not led to any significant results.
Movement said in a statement that while it supports state efforts to contain the region intractable political crisis, which spawned other crises, and become a burden on citizens, it emphasizes the importance of Parliament and not to ignore it and taking into account its role in the follow-up and resolution of problems.
Movement promised crisis presidency of the province source President of all problems and crises taking place in the region, as a result of the failure to find appropriate solutions.
Calling to activate the work of the legitimacy of Parliament as an institution elected by the people to address the problems in accordance with the legitimate and legal contexts, the movement rejected any dictates by the Democratic Party on the legitimate institutions and political parties to participate in the provincial government.
The differences have intensified between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Movement for Change, on the back of the prevention of the Political Bureau of the democratic Kurdistan on 12 October last, the speaker of parliament Yusuf Mohammed, a movement of change, from entering the province of Arbil to hold a session of parliament was scheduled to discuss the crises in the region, including the crisis of the presidency the province.
The president of the region of the outgoing, Massoud Barzani, has put forward three proposals to end the crisis over the presidency of the region, including survival in office until 2017, and demanded in a message to mark the new year approved the province's political parties to come together to decide, either early elections in the province, or agree on the selection The last person to head the region, or taking into account the current situation experienced by the region, and to keep the status quo as it is up to the year 2017 until the end of the current parliamentary session.
In the meantime, the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani called former secretary general of the Islamic Union of Kurdistan, Salah al-Din Bahaa El Din approached the president of the republic leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Dr. Fuad Masum, to mediate between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Movement for Change and other parties, which recent Democratic Party policies opposed in the region .
A source familiar with the Kurdistan Islamic Union declined to be named said in a statement to the site Milt Bryce Kurdish, said the Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani contact Salahuddin Bahauddin, and asked him to coordinate with the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, and begin together a new round of mediation between the democratic efforts and the MDC to end differences and tensions between them, which has paralyzed the work of parliament and the provincial government.
The source added that Barzani transfer of Salahuddin Bahauddin resented his uncle Massoud Barzani of the current situation in the region, which put him in an awkward position in front of foreign delegations visiting the region and are wondering about the conditions of the political territory, so it follows the source, the Barzani called Salahuddin Bahauddin coordination with the President Republic Fuad Masum, to care for a new initiative to normalize the tense situation in the region.
An official source in the office of President of the Republic who preferred not to be named, said in a statement this morning that the new President of the Republic has agreed to care for a new round of talks between the Kurdish parties to seek common formats through the legal means to contain the deepening political crisis in the region.
The source pointed out that the political parties in the province, responded by about positive with Riasl her face President of the Republic them, expecting that the mediation of President of the Republic begin in the near future, through visits by the Kurdish parties to listen to its vision on the situation and the mechanism of the appropriate solution, indicating that the President of the Republic called In letters addressed to the Kurdish parties, all of us, to make mutual concessions to save the troubled situation in the region and activating the work of the Parliament and the Government of Alakulaim.aly that denied the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Alkrdstaa led by President Jalal Talabani, news of his intention to sign or renew the strategic agreement, which was signed in 2007 with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, on the other parties, particularly the MDC account, a statement of the Political Bureau received a new morning, a copy of which pointed out that the National Federation adheres to his own terms to end the crisis region in accordance with the decisions that came out of the meeting of his council leadership, which would not compromise the observance of the rights of all parties in any decisions coming out of the future.