Abadi Yasiri Jubouri first Mufsahan for their financial interests for 2016

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Integrity Commission announced Disclosure chairman Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives and Chairman of the Integrity Commission for their financial interests for 2016, as pointed out that this initiative is a motivation and a catalyst for all covered by the disclosure.
The authority said in a statement received / JD / copy of it: it has received special to declare their assets to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi official working with the start of the 2016 form.
She pointed to the head of the Integrity Commission disclosure Hassan al for the financial discharged on the same day, then House Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, indicating that al-Abadi and Yasiri Jubouri are the first Mufsahan for their financial interests with the start of the new year.
She noted that this initiative is a motivation and a catalyst for all covered disclose their financial interests, to provide disclosure of their financial disclosure form, and the consecration of transparency and the principle of "Where did you get this?" Provided for in Article 18 of Law No. 30, the body was in force for the year 2011.
It is noteworthy that Article 17 of the body covered by law obliged to disclose their financial interests to provide an account of the beginning of each year with their job positions In the case of leaving his or terminate the assignment of responsibility. And stipulates ((have each person holding one of the following functions or positions costly to provide financial disclosure report: I.: - President of the Republic and his deputies. Secondly: - members of the legislative power. Third: - The Prime Minister and his deputies, ministers and their grade and their agents and employees a private degree .raava: - Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, judges .va: - heads of regions and the heads of its ministers and its ministers and their agents .sadsa: - conservatives and members of the provincial councils .saava: - heads of independent bodies and their agents or their deputies .thamna: - ambassadors and consuls and Almlahak.tasaa: - leaders Legions teams and the heads of the security services .xa: -madra prosecutors and their grade and investigators of the Commission. atheist ten: - officers in the armed forces and internal security forces and the security services of the rank of lieutenant colonel. What Vouk.althani ten: - each of you see the body need to disclose their financial interests) ).