Business Council proposes the implementation of projects in partnership

1/4/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Specialists in economic affairs continue their attempts to find solutions contribute to the mitigation of the effects of the financial crisis on the Iraqi economy, came the concept of partnership in the implementation of one of the main solutions that mating between the potential of public-private partnerships to implement projects. In this context, the purpose of clarifying the content of the partnership president of the National Business Council, the Iraqi David Abdul Zayer proposed Astosmaralaat and plants and factories of the public sector stalled because of lack of financial resources or for any other reason by the private sector and harness its capabilities to implement projects in partnership and in accordance with the partnership agreement guaranteed by a bank bailouts and Contracts Order-term achievement project.

He said in an interview for «morning» that for the purpose of application of this concept in practice and legal requires that the public sector provides requirements of the projects under the declaration includes what has the technical capabilities and productivity, and view all possessed of raw materials factories and mechanisms and everything works the concept of production such as cement, fuel and asphalt and others to invest in the implementation of projects in partnership with the private sector by means of bank guarantees for the purpose of securing these materials to be implemented under contracts project Order term until the implementation of the project and use of the beneficiaries in exchange for tariff Tsstofi wage labor and materials plus the profits under the investment license.

He noted The private sector pays the costs of labor and materials to those produced to be paid on credit to him after a period of time that, pointing out the importance of establishing a central committee of the projects the task that must be carried out and follow up the refund process.

Zayer noted that the implementation of the project provided that it is a payoff Mali by means of bank guarantees and all the exploits of the revenue estimators of the public sector are under rent realistic contract as much as it benefits from the work definitively, as an example of the beneficiary of the project presented under the quantities table and have a competent human resources in this jurisdiction and has the mechanisms and on the condition that is allocated by the Ministry of Oil fuel material asphalt runny to implement these projects and delivered these materials to the implementing of the private sector by means of bank bailouts paid from the investment of the road.

He pointed to the importance of applying the service projects and on the basis that local raw materials have increased by 90 percent and for this purpose requires the government the age of instructions, similar to the instructions of the implementation of the contracts for the government and we are fully prepared for the purpose of assisting in this and on the condition that take each ministry in these instructions on the requirements and be the general framework is available with the private sector capacity to prepare these instructions in cooperation with the relevant