Baghdad Investment announces Mall at a cost of Babylon {15} million dollars

: 2016/1/3

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} announced the Baghdad Investment Authority, the establishment of Babylon Mall {} {15} at a cost of million dollars.
It is according to the Authority in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it on Sunday that "Iraq is witnessing a period of economic openness despite the challenges they managed the board Baghdad Investment granting of investment licenses for all sectors," pointing out that "tourism and the commercial sector took great interest in, and open doors wide in front of investors from the private sector to play its role in activating the national economy.
The statement continued, "of investment projects Babylon Mall project for the company Arab shade to set up a shopping mall modern project comes in the Mansour Daoudi widget numbered 327 \ 2 \ 20 where designed the mall to include newly commercial center for many commercial shops and consists Mall of seven floors with cars full-service position, In addition to a coffee shop and cafeterias, restaurant and hall building, a cinema and a variety of services to shoppers objects. "
In conclusion, the Authority according to the statement that "the investment cost of the project {15,000,000} dollars and an area of ​​total 2 acres and 11 Ulke and 60 M2oukd reached completion of the project to {75% ratio} Work is under way to implement it in accordance with the time limit set his" .anthy