The rule of law and the Supreme Council weeping bitterly at (Faw)

1/3/2016 7:37
Iraq today / special
It seems that the relations between the State of Law coalition and the Islamic Supreme Council, a high trade .. at least in the province of Basra .., which represents Iraq's water the only gate mother of Iraqi oil so to us speak, and maybe that's dear reader, it is apparently the largest of the dispute, and you need to condemns the applause .. to Auahdh.
Rehab Alabboudh - Vice coalition of state law for the province of Basra, defended the "Faw", and Ouktaat its defense of the port project "Faw", amid heavy scandal that dealt with exposure breaker eastern waves in "Faw" to landslides and Tvskhat ", but the source in ports, has thrown her time, to carry responsibility on the previous government led by Nuri al-Maliki .. head of the coalition to which it belongs MP, said in his defense: "The completion of the port of Faw, will bring important economic resource for Iraq, appointed by the state budget for the coming years", and it increased Alabboudh of redundancy on the "Faw": "The provision required to set up the port funds, will not be a loss to the state, compared to the future benefits that accrue to Iraq to complete the port", and perhaps before moving forward in an interview with the MP review, to mention, the need to ask a question, the role of Japan in the provision of loans for "Faw", which we do not know if any what happened to her, to get back then to Alabboudh, to read more advice: "The government must serious work, searching for additional resources, alleviate the unilateral dependence on oil .. in the construction of the state budget, "then scattered Alabboudh More Flowers importance on the" Faw "- broken East Wing:" The port of Faw, an essential part of these resources, the enormous funds to the state treasury ", a senior in the coming Alabboudh MP, as According to the role of investment in "Big FAO," and that its proposal to this, he had already earned from the Transport Ministry, led by Minister of the Supreme Council, to allocate an advertisement in local newspapers, calling for companies to invest in it: "The state has many ways to work on completion of the project, if they can not provide the liquidity necessary for him, including direct investment .. if by only regional or other foreign ", and left us with you dear reader Aziz, remind you, that:" The Ministry of Transport announced the establishment of Basra Holding Company for Investment in Faw port, which will contribute to the delivery of goods to Europe from Asia via the Silk Road, "said Transport Minister - Bayan Jabr said at a joint news conference with the governor and the head of the Basra Governorate Council in the 24th of December of last year:" The formation of Basra company Holding of the people of Basra, to invest in the port of Faw. "