The opening of Diwaniyah gas power station

0201 2016
The Ministry of Electricity opened on Saturday, the province of Diwaniyah electricity station 500 MW card, in the presence of the Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi.

Fahdawi and said, in his speech during the opening ceremony, said that "the scarcity of fuel began hurts us at this station and other stations, and has become a large proportion of the electricity Tsubht are out of service due to limited fuel-saving".

He added that "we hope to be addressing this problem, which is subject to the availability of financial liquidity of the State and this shall we accomplish stations that take a long time and wait for the day when the improving economic situation to have to have enough energy citizen and perhaps more than he needs."

He expressed optimism that the employees "will add electricity every day done thus achieving self-sufficiency and serve the citizens, as he wants of us."

It is noteworthy that, Diwaniyah power plant consisting of four power generating units each of 125 MW, and is ready to work, and will run on gas through the Strategic National tube extending from the Rumaila fields.

The, the station carried out by the Union of Arab Contractors my company and the Swedish Port two Egyptian, and funded by the Ministry of Electricity at a cost of $ 181 million

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