Parliamentary Economy: the rumors about the bankruptcy of the government is not possible but we are in front of a financial crisis

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: According to a member of the economic and investment commission in the Chamber of Deputies Nora Albjara, on Tuesday, that the rumors about the bankruptcy of the state and its intention to give employees a vacation mandatory or always reduce to reduce the salaries is not possible and is not true, but we are facing a real financial crisis. She Albjara for "tomorrow Press," that "the government did not reach far to the stage of real austerity until you reach the stage of bankruptcy, but the government must be frank with the people until a clearer picture and people take precautions," indicating that "the country in front of a severe financial crisis, not bankruptcy." She said "2016 will be the year lean, and there is high possibility of higher oil prices, but to declare the state bankruptcy This is difficult and is not possible, and rumors about the government's intention to give licenses mandatory for employees or reduce their shift and give them half the salaries, is not true." She Albjara that " Government with financial reserves and pressure spending and reduce some of the high salaries and the restoration of smuggled money and control and the fight against corruption and reforms and some non-oil revenues can provide salaries and Okhov them, but we remain in front of a financial crisis. "She stressed that" government does not have rounded funds from previous budgets because of corruption, so we are facing a significant financial risk.