Trade: we started creating the ration for distribution convoys in Ramadi

BAGHDAD / JD / .. General Company for Foodstuff Trading began creating convoys of emergency food aid to the city of Ramadi and areas freed from Daash terrorist.
The general director of the company Kassem Hammoud told / dinars / received a copy of it: that central directives issued to the ministry processed companies of food to send emergency aid through convoys being sent to the liberated areas in coordination with the security services and armed forces.
He added Hammoud that his company began and immediately configure these convoys through the creation of amounts of food (sugar, oil) in order to speed up the sending while the general company began to manufacture Grain format the flour and the General Company for Grain Trade configure material rice and each according to its competence and efforts are being made ​​to complete the processing of these materials and send it in the form of payments and through convoys accompanied by the security services.
He added that the ministry companies in the process of completing its branches in the province and stability in the process of food vocabulary processing, similar to other governorates which receive their shares by known mechanisms and certified in food processing citizens keywords.