Economist: delete the zeros is a positive step
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BAGHDAD - Al Sabah
Said Husam Obeid, an economist on the need to speed up the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency, because such a step of positive returns. The head of the Board of Directors of banks, economy, investment and finance in a statement to the Agency (IBA) to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency has become an urgent need to raise the value of the currency and to maintain balance in the market, noting that this procedure need to be a political decision.

Obaid said that Iraq is not the only country that resorted to this option, many European countries followed after World War II, including Germany, Turkey has recently embarked on a 6 delete zeros from its currency.

He explained that the move to Atntoa any negative repercussions, as it is a very positive step given the strength of the currency and contribute to the elimination of the negative consequences arising from the density of cash as one of the main problems that we have in the banking business, both in the operations of counting currency, sorting categories and destroy the bad of them and provide security measures necessary for the transfer.