425 receive ports and naval unit of different nationalities within two months

Received Iraqi ports more than 425 units and tanker freely from different nationalities
and said Media General Company for Iraqi Ports director Anmar net said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news that the country's ports received during the October monthly and the second until the middle of this month of 2015, more than 425 units The tanker freely from different nationalities, and the port of Umm Qasr in the forefront of those ports, followed by the port stronghold and the port of Khor Al-Zubair.
Carter said those units, marine tankers entering the country, was from Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Panama, Liberia, Denmark, Manila, India, Singapore and Vietnam, as well as those of ships General Company for Maritime Transport.
He said net that the country harbors attest commercially mobility daily, as the trucks of the Ministry of Transport and some private sector companies companies, unload these different payloads for the benefit of the public and private sectors, noting that ships entering the country, was loaded with food and wheat and barley, rice, sugar and iron materials and industrial equipment, automobiles, iron, wood and building materials, as well as pipelines, gas oil and gasoline, as well as cattle.