Parliamentarians: Ministerial limbering Abadi better decisions and reduce salaries worst

2015-12-31 00:01:07 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

House of Representatives log Hjarin Nchaaba under the dome, which is what he called the lawmakers as "the most difficult situations" witnessed during 2015, which was a staff decision, "the worst news" in the government of al-Abadi reduce the salaries during the year, which is nearing its end.

Parliamentarians promised legal parties and the adoption of the budget as the best achievement for the House of Representatives in 2015, in what was considered the dismissal of al-Abadi for 6 figures occupy senior positions in the state government as the best decision.

On the other hand, died one deputy in 2015, saw the vote on the Government Reform and hosting "Abadi" package highest attend sessions of the House of Representatives.

He acknowledged the parliament, on the eve of 2016, by failing to unite the political positions to pass important laws such as the "general amnesty" and "National Guard". Government to implement the promises have not been able to "Summer reforms", did not succeed to gain more political forces except to call Dr. "Abadi Suite" and "Sadrists" about less.

Parliamentary achievements and failures

MP says Imad Youkhana, the House of Representatives decision, that "Parliament managed to pass tough laws, such as parties, Labour and Social Affairs, and modify the Martyrs Foundation Act, as well as a package of reforms for parliament," adding that "some of these reforms was a recommendation to the executive branch within specified time limits. "

He Youkhana, told the (range), "The record time to pass the budget is one of the achievements of the year 2015, because it is the first time that is passed in the month of December," but he corrects by saying "it was supposed to achieve other achievements, however, the government withdrew most Laws about a sudden. "

A month after the launch of the government reforms package, decided last September, the withdrawal of more than 100 law was sent by the government of Nouri al-Maliki. The parliament decided early in 2015 to work on more than 200 law legislation was the inclusion of its committees from previous sessions. The government did not remain under the hand of Parliament less than 50 legislation.

Youkhana and holds the government responsible for the delay of certain laws because of the lack of legislation for agreement within the Council of Ministers around. He pointed out that "laws, such as a general amnesty, the National Guard, the Justice and Accountability, was sending a controversial format and quickly reflected in the House of Representatives and leads to disable approval."

Christian MP does not exonerate Parliament Square from his failure to pass those laws, but he asserts that "the major powers in the House of Representatives is responsible for that."

Fights and a record attendance

On the other hand take the proportion of Parliament to attend the House of Representatives in 2015, a record sessions from a year earlier. This year did not witness any comment from the political bloc to attend the sessions except the Congress decision minorities objected to the law "unified card", which they described as "racial discrimination".

He says the House of Representatives decision that "most of the sessions were witnessing a crowd of between 250 deputies and assigned to 50 other tasks to committees or other issues," adding that "the highest attendance rate recorded in the presence of 300 deputies out of 328 by listening to Ebadi and host of Ministers."

The House of Representatives and was attended by 297 deputies, during the vote on the authorization Abadi session, on 11 August, to undertake repairs. But Parliament retracted after 3 months of voting, which was a "consensus".

He considered the brawls, which developed into a fist fight between deputies from the Sadr movement and the rule of law, and another incident between the two deputies from the coalition forces, the worst situations that have taken place under the dome of the parliament during 2015.

MP says Imad Youkhana "those clashes did not develop into political positions or comment to the presence of some of the blocks," adding that "thanks to the ability to control the Presidency of the Council."

And the exchange of deputy state law Kazem Sayadi "punches" with the current Liberal MPs to vote on the Minister of Industry Mohammed Darraji session last May. Sayadi had objected to the voting mechanism that gave confidence to the minister movement.

It was said then that Sayadi transfer after this argument to the hospital for treatment. It was not the first time that Sayadi beaten, it has received a "punch" of MP Raad Aldhlki in 2013 after a dispute between them about the spread of Photos "Khomeini" in Baghdad.

He accused Sayadi, last October, he shot a citizen eloquent spokesman Abu tirelessly mass at the headquarters of one of the local channels.

The second melee occurred after only three days of the "incident Sayadi", after a dispute between MPs and architectural student Abdulrahman Alloizi, MPs from the province of Nineveh, and members of the Union of Forces. The dispute broke out because of the sacking of the former governor of Nineveh Liberation of Iraq.

This was Parliament, last October, a senior lawmaker Ahmad Chalabi, a heart attack. MP says Imad Youkhana "replaced two members of the Council during 2015 and are two women, one of them on the mass of the citizen and the other on the Diyala mass of our identity."

Government Abadi in 2015

And on assessing the performance of the government Abadi in 2015, he says MP Abdulrahman Alloizi "were not the circumstances in which normal government Abadi came. I inherited from occupied land Daash faced lower oil crisis."

He said Alloizi, in his interview with the (range), that "the best achievement of the government is to reduce the sagging career and the dismissal of a key Congress of the Republic and the ministers."

And on the security reality, see the MP for Nineveh that "edit gray is accomplishing important for the Government, considering that it was a pure liberation efforts of the government forces."

The head of the government decided, last August, a sudden dismissal of his deputies and Vice-President of the Republic as well as reducing his ministry to 22 bag instead of 33. But still the decision to exclude the Vice President of the Republic suspended and is not clear, after that Osama Najafi feet appeals decision Abadi.

But Alloizi believes that "al-Abadi failed in 2015 to implement the rest of the reforms announced by last summer," noting that "the Prime Minister failed to approximate the political blocs Bastnthae Dawa Party, which represents the wing, and the Sadr movement comes second."

The labor union member, said "virtue and the Supreme Council of the Iraqi and coalition forces are in the order blocks represent how close the performance Abadi and conviction," stressing that "the Kurdish Alliance and Maliki's Dawa Wing at the bottom of the list of interacting with Abadi policy."

Alloizi asserts that "al-Abadi decision to reduce the salaries of staff was the worst decisions of the government during 2015".

2015 saw the release of one throw and catch the Minister of Commerce Mlas Kasnazani on charges of "corruption" is, in what cabinet then resigned because he "did not attend in his work."

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