Allkash calls for comprehensive reforms in the judiciary and reduce the salaries of judges

2015/12/30 18:45

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} called MP from the Bloc citizen Mohammed Allkash to comprehensive reforms in the judiciary, and the reduction of judges' salaries.
Said Allkash told the News} {Euphrates on Wednesday, that "today we need reforms in all state institutions, namely the judiciary."
He added that "the country is going through a major financial crisis and the survival of the Supreme salaries in the Supreme Judicial Council is fair, and there is no justice in it."
And that "we expect the judiciary seriously comprehensive reform, including salaries, despite more than seven months after the government of some of the reforms."
And the judiciary first announced on Monday the judges can not reduce the salaries of most of the project that has already been submitted to the Special Council of Ministers to reduce the salaries of judges, and public prosecutors. Ended h