Congratulates Mohammed Yusuf Haider Abadi, on the occasion of Liberation gray

Roudao - Erbil
Send the President of Kurdistan parliament, Mohammed Yusuf, said on Wednesday a cable of congratulations to President of the Iraqi Council of Ministers Haidaralebadi on the occasion of the restoration of the city of Ramadi from the grip of the organization Daash.
Said Mohammed in his message, "on the occasion of completing the liberation of the city of Ramadi operations, from Daash gangs" terrorist ", I address to you Bohralthana and blessings, and through you to all the members of the armed forces and all the fighters who took part in that great epic and to the Iraqi people generally patient and the people of Anbar province, a private" . "We stand bow for the souls of the martyrs who fell in this heroic epic, and we commend the role of the Iraqi armed forces and the Peshmerga and sacrifices generous for the liberation of the country," explaining that "this great victory will create a major milestone in the process of fighting terrorism in Iraq."
The Iraqi security forces announced on Monday (12/28/2015) full control over, about 110 kilometers west of the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad, Ramadi.