Security forces receives 415 families and civilians in the government compound
Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Shafaq News / The military cell media announced on Tuesday receiving dozens of families in downtown Ramadi, which was besieged by ISIS terrorist organization, as revealed the arrest of the Minister of the organization who was disguised among those civilians.

The cell said in a statement, that 415 families from the trapped civilians from Anbar had arrived and were received by fight against terrorism forces in the government complex, referring to securing food and medicine for them and creating safe paths for them while clearing the city from explosives.

The statement added that the people of Ramadi have informed the security forces about the presence of so-called Finance minister of ISIS who was under covered among citizens and was trying to escape but he was arrested.

The statement said that the medical detachments of the security forces have saved a trapped woman in Ramadi and helped her to give birth after she and her husband went to the security forces in the government complex and had a baby among hundreds of roadside bombs.

Iraqi forces have regained on Sunday control on the local government compound in Ramadi city, the capital of Anbar province, which is the last stronghold of ISIS organization west of the country.

The Joint Special Operations Command announced on Monday the liberalization of Ramadi city from the control of ISIS terrorist organization completely.