National preparatory meeting held her meeting with the fifth day


Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif,
the complexity of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the National meet her fifth day after being postponed twice during the past two weeks. and out of meetings the past four positive results and the insistence by the masses out of the crucible of the differences that rocked the political process.
A member of the Preparatory Committee for the Iraqi National Coalition MP Ammar Tohme head of the Virtue parliamentary statement singled out by the (morning), it is expected to be held today a meeting of the Preparatory Committee for the meeting of the National because of a hearing in the House of Representatives.
added, it is hoped to witness this meeting an update for the remainder of the principles and themes leaves the political blocs that were classified according to the terms of reference of the executive, legislative and judicial branches, explaining the existence of an agreement in principle to the inclusion of topics provided by the blocks and the standardization of paper and one to be a platform for meeting the national.
and on a national meeting before or after the Arab summit to be held in Baghdad at the end of this month, said Tohme there is no link between This meeting and the Arab summit, adding that the meeting between the final session of the meeting of the national contingent on completion of the Preparatory Committee of its functions and duties of out paper contains the agenda to be agreed upon principles and standards that define paths solutions and to find treatments for these political problems and roofs of the time, pointing out that the Preparatory Committee when completed This table shall consult the President with the heads of the blocks to select a particular day to hold a national meeting as well as discuss the parties that will be invited to it.
For its part, said the Iraqi List, that the points raised Kmtalib by the political blocs than percent points.
The MP said the existing Nabil Hrbo in a special statement by the (morning) that the Preparatory Committee is moving in their work despite the slow and grumbling by some MPs as a result the inability of the Commission so far to determine the date of the national meeting, adding that the Commission has the excuse that because of all the blocks have a number of demands and within each list there are blocks and parties their demands are added to the demands of the block.
He expressed his belief that the points raised on the table than percent points and the Committee to determine approximately 20 40 points.
called Hrbo that such meeting shall be by the time of the Arab summit conference because there are some countries have started to talk about lack of political stability in Iraq and that there are differences between the blocks, saying that Iraq will not be able to pull the summit, so a positive result in our interest to hold a national meeting before the summit.