Oil: High production of West Qurna / 2 field rate to 450 000 barrels per day


Oil Ministry announced higher production rates in the oil fields, which is invested by international companies within the service contracts in the licensing Alpetrolah.ozkr rounds ministry statement received (justice) a copy of it, that "production at the West Qurna / 2 field, exceeded 30 million tons of oil crude since the start of production of the field in March of last year in 2014, "She added the ministry that" the daily production of the field averaged 450 000 barrels per day, and that the total quantities produced for 2015, amounted to 20 million tons of crude oil, "It is said that the West Qurna field / 2, won Ptohelh Lukoil Russian oil company, and is one of the largest oil fields in the world, is located in the province of Basra.