2016 outlook .. Iraq regional player


Dr.. Adnan al-Sarraj *

Recent victories in Ramadi, and the defeat of Daash in Anbar after he proved his feet where and gripped his willingness combat and prevent people from going out under the death penalty is a key to enter Iraq for the year 2016 to the area as well as regionally strong impact on the international balances, the NFL with political content of messages is a hopeful and promising to end 2016 m Iraq will be able to cross the stages of danger about window regional countries and will Iraqis receives a new year is expected to carry us a lot of variables in various aspects Despite that many observers point out that next year will be difficult for our country, given the difficult financial conditions and continued low prices Oil, which fell to record levels and this will affect the economic situation of the country which depends almost heavily on the export of oil, but have reason for optimism is what happened during the months last few days, which has seen progress and victory and the liberation of many Iraqi cities, particularly the city of Ramadi, Anbar province and this What will accelerate the return of displaced persons to their towns and villages and their homes and resume normal life away from the crimes of terrorism caused by the elements Daash This return undoubtedly would ease the burden on the government and will reduce its expenses and allocations for this file to start the page reconstruction and rehabilitation to war-ravaged and other aspects that will deepen the security and stability of the population of cities liberated after he tasted the bitterness of displacement to other provinces away from their homes to participate again in supporting the national economy if they were existing plants and cultivation of land and turn on the power and electricity stations and convert construction and real estate projects the structural and other aspects of the economy in those cities movement run as well as the return of economic and commercial activity there Add to that the downsizing of the military Alaclav to war a long and costly will be reduced gradually to prevent Iraq war budget to the reconstruction of the budget on the other hand, the liberalization of areas and rid it of terrorism will strengthen the Iraqi role regionally and internationally in the next stage, especially since Iraq are stationed in the heart of the balance of power in the region Gulf, through shared long lines of the border with Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia. With the availability of internal political stability in Iraq.

We hope that this is available in 2016 about the biggest will be is like way to return the country to the position of regional strategic, politically and economically, as will lead to the re-country natural stature regionally and internationally possibility of the return of Iraq, a major player on the regional and international level is very featured during the next phase with the ability to lead a mediator role in most of the files that are still hot in the region, including the Syrian and Yemeni file where Iraq has the admissibility by the parties to the conflict there, if we exclude terrorist groups whose goal shredding unit peoples and tampering Bastaqraarham and security also has ties to a wide and good with the great powers that intervened militarily to protect its interests and this will increase the strength and stability of the Iraqi role These countries can benefit from the Iraqi experience in that the terrorists their main goal is to spread death and destruction and that the best solution to end the differences is to sit the dialogues table, but this Iraqi role prospective must be accompanied by work and activity of effective diplomacy and movement by the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to develop the required plans before submitting them to any initiative or proposal to address the crises regionally or internationally to ensure its success, because many countries are in need of Iraq it is in their interest to be have good relations abroad with him being a learning threat launched by terrorist organizations direction of them all, so find those countries need to cooperate with Iraq, which began to get rid of terrorism The elements Daash are racing to escape in front of the strength and determination of the security forces sons and crowd the popular and clans Almentvdh to seek new havens in countries neighboring Iraq in order to burn the fire of terrorism and mass murder and publish them.

* Head of the Iraqi Center for Media Development