Edit gray interest accounts for Baghdad newspapers today

Multi accounted edit gray completeness and raising the Iraqi flag on the government complex in the city's interest most newspapers today, in addition to highlighting the repercussions of the economic crisis experienced by Iraq as a result of lower oil prices in world markets. Under the headline Chairman (Abadi: coming to liberate Mosul in 2016 in the victory over Daash) addressed the newspaper / morning / issued by the Iraqi Media Network Speech Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the occasion of Liberation gray and which count in 2016 the "Year of the eradication of terrorism and gang Aldaashah once and for all and end their presence on the land Rivers, directed his speech to the people of Mosul (Nineveh were coming to liberate) and strike blow to terrorism ".
And reported the newspaper as saying in his address to the Iraqis by the way, that "the liberalization of gray delayed and it was possible to edit before this deadline without resorting gangs to booby-trapping everything in Ramadi to prevent those who care about the children of the armed forces from entering the city center, but failed and were defeated, expressing the pride of Iraqis their men of the sons of the Iraqi security forces, the army and the fight against terrorism and the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes and the Peshmerga. "
The newspaper highlighted / Zora / issued by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate statement Joint Special Operations Command, who announced edit control of the city of Ramadi Daash and raising the Iraqi flag over the government complex downtown.
The newspaper quoted a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command Brigadier General Yahya Messenger as saying in a statement read by "the defense of the Iraqi soil and restore security and safety and the elimination of terrorist groups and re-displaced people will remain our goal is sacred."
The newspaper / time / Independent focused on the acclaim and popular political circles victories achieved in Anbar province, and the liberalization of the entire city of Ramadi, al Daash where hundreds marched roamed the streets to celebrate the victory in Baghdad and Ramadi.
The newspaper said the statement of House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the way in which he said that "this great victory represents refracts to fork Daash terrorist and a starting point for the Liberation of Nineveh, praising the great sacrifices and tournaments that line had the sons of the security forces and the crowd clan, and calling for investment momentum of victory and the collapse of winning in the morale of the enemy terrorist to achieve further progress and on more than one axis. "
The newspaper / Orient / Independent cases: the repercussions of the economic crisis in Iraq, and said, "The Council of Ministers is working on research into all possible options to avoid bankruptcy and the government maintains a state of economic collapse."
The newspaper added, "While the financial leaks suggest that the current oil revenues did not cover only 40 percent of the total employees and pensions, stands the government unable to pay those salaries, estimated forty billion dollars a year, and at the Council of Ministers is considering a proposal by the Ministry of Finance to overcome the projected deficit in the budget of 2016 requires reducing the staff time in half, in exchange for giving them half the salary, in the event of the fall in world oil market prices continued, indicating that Iraq's budget devoid only 4.1 billion dollars, which is almost fill the needs of the country until February next maximum ".