Turkish battleship for the production of electrical energy to leave Iraq

2912 2015
According to a shipping source in Basra, on Monday, that the Turkish battleship for the production of electrical energy was docked in the port of Abu Flus years ago left Iraqi waters toward the Gulf, while the Electricity Distribution Directorate in the south made it clear that the barge, which was preparing the national grid by 80 megawatts left the result of the end Astkdamha contract.

The navigation source in a press statement that "the large Turkish ship (Kerem Sultan) specializing in the production of electric energy left Abu Flus commercial port, located in the district of Abu Fertile toward one of the Gulf countries," noting that "a team of counselors maritime Iraqis helped foreign crew for a ship to pass junctures Shatt al-Arab, where the task is not easy because of the large size of the ship and the large number of accessories side and complexities of construction on board. "

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity that "patrols belonging to the Iraqi Coast Guard escorted the ship through the passage in the Shatt al-Arab for the purpose of providing protection for it."

For his part, Director of the Information Department in the Electricity Distribution Directorate in the southern region Ahmed Alashour "The Turkish Albajrh which deported was preparing the network by about 80 megawatts, and it's left to the end of the contract Astkdamha four days ago," explaining that "the port of Khor Al-Zubair currently contains reservoirs for the production of electric power and one of them will move to the days after the port of Abu Flus to replace the barge that I left. "

The Basra suffered since the beginning of the nineties of the deterioration of the electricity sector, has worsened the crisis after 2003, but during the past two years and the reality of electricity improvement in most areas, has required huge amounts of money from the budgets of conservative spending, and more of those amounts spent on projects buy electric power from through the introduction of three Turkish barges specialized in producing electric power, as well as set up mobile stations belonging to the private sector, in addition to import electric power from the Iranian province of Khuzestan through Shalamcheh line.

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