Parliamentary Security: Americans have begun the implementation of special operations ..


The Commission on the parliamentary security and defense, said yesterday that US special forces began operations against the implementation of Daash inside Iraqi territory without the knowledge of the federal government or coordinating with it.
Skeptical head of the security committee of quitting intentions of US troops and limiting its operations to target the organization Daash, expressing fear of prosecution of these forces to the leaders of factions of the popular crowd and some of the political parties, the opposition to the American presence.
The US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter revealed, earlier this month, with, for the approval of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to the deployment of a private US troops in Iraq. Carter stressed that the functions and operations of those forces will be linked to the approval of the Iraqi authorities.
But General Steve Warren, a spokesman for the international coalition, confirmed that the deployment of a private US force in Iraq is aimed at cutting regulation Daash between Iraq and Syria supply.
And opposes Iraqi political parties, mostly Shia, the deployment of US special forces, expressing concern over the ambiguity of the functions of these forces.
MP says of quitting, Chairman of the Security Parliamentary (range), he said, "Send a private US troops to Iraq without the knowledge of the federal government is unacceptable," denying the need for the deployment of combat troops on the ground, noting that "Iraq has allowed the international coalition, earlier , to launch air strikes. "
Zamili and draws out that "the Americans used the involvement of the international coalition to launch sorties in Iraq argument to enter the special forces and the implementation of quality processes," asking, "Why did not the US administration equip Iraqi forces weapons according to the agreed upon contracts?".
The Government of Prime Minister al-Abadi silent on US assurances talking about Iraq's agreement to the deployment of a special force to carry out operations against Daash.
On the operations carried out by US special force, head of the security committee of parliamentary "There are two operations carried out by these forces, and both were in Hawija," pointing out that "the first operation resulted in the arrest of 69 component of Daash do not know the whereabouts In any detainee, either the second operation was Riyadh in hand. " The member of the Liberal bloc that the "second operation that took place in Riyadh hand, one of the targeted clinics Daash used as a court and resulted in the killing of 10 members of the organization."
Security sources revealed in Kirkuk on Saturday, on the implementation of a US special forces and Kurdish airdrops process back on the court to regulate Daash, and other headquarters in Riyadh hand / southwest of Kirkuk. Attacking forces and found important documents and arrested a number of elements of the organization.
It is noteworthy that this is the second operation of its kind carried out by US special forces in Kirkuk, in collaboration with the fight against "terrorism" arm of the Kurdistan forces. And carried out an airdrop operation in October last to the end of a Daash dens in Hawija southwest of Kirkuk and freed 69 hostages and took them to the region.
Zamili doubt these operations carried out by US special forces against al Daash, and believes that "these kinds of operations have goals and dimensions serve the Americans because they are without the knowledge of the Iraqi government," saying it would "harm the prestige and sovereignty of the Iraqi state."
Chairman of the Security Committee does not hide his fear of these include special operations leaders of factions of the popular crowd in addition to the administration's opposition political parties. And he asserts that "US Special Forces began their work on Iraqi territory."
And the presence of these special forces, Zamili likely that "this power resides in Ein al-Asad base, and the country, Taji and even the US Embassy," uncertain "These forces carried out operations without any coordination with the Iraqi forces." He believed that "individual actions of these forces is in the interest of the US administration."
The government of Anbar revealed (range), last week, on the negotiations conducted with the US ambassador, and Baltnsag with the Iraqi government, led to the approval of the deployment of US forces in Ramadi. The negotiations took place in the house of parliament speaker Salim al.
Government Anbar confirm that determine the number of special forces is up to the Iraqi authorities, and denied the arrival of American soldiers to the province so far.
In the same context, the Messenger of Abu Hasna, MP for the coalition of state law, that "special forces operating without coordination with the government and individually," he says.
He said Abu Hasna (range), "The Iraqi government is not aware of US special forces have begun to implement quality processes without the prior approval of the Government of Iraq," likely that "Americans are carrying out these operations based on the security information rapidly and in need of a quick intervention."
The attention of a member of a coalition of state law that "theme allow the entry of these forces is one of the terms of reference of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces who can acceptance or rejection of these forces to the implementation of quality operations against specific targets for Daash".
Abu Hasna revealed that the "State of Law coalition plans to hold a meeting with the commander of the armed forces during the next few hours to a question on the movements of these special forces, as well as discuss the latest developments taking place in the security arena in Sector Anbar."