Legal representative: to keep the seven exceptions in the draft of a general amnesty law

BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Legal Committee of Parliament announced the reduction of the number of exceptions contained within the draft of a general amnesty for discussion Act to seven paragraphs instead of the 16 paragraph. A member of the Committee MP Salim Chawki the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / that "discussions Project Amnesty Law is still continuing between the blocs that unanimous approval also agreed on the reduction and reducing the number of exceptions. "He added that" there is a consensus in the Parliament to extend amnesty circle to include minor offenses, both administrative and financial, civil and other. "He added that" the parliamentary Committee reached after a series of discussions to the reduction of the number of exceptions to only seven paragraphs. "He said the" final draft for discussion at the parliamentary committee has kept the exceptions relating to serious crimes such as terrorism and state security, and waste of public money, and Alatjarpalmkhaddrat, adultery, embezzlement, forgery, smuggling antiquities. "The House of Representatives postponed Showing the draft general amnesty law until further notice after ending its first reading in the month of May, for the continuation of political differences before returning the presidency of parliament and end the second reading of the draft of the controversial law before the end of the second legislative term.