Saudi newspaper: Maliki is mediating for the release of Qatari fishermen

BAGHDAD / Hassan Shammari: Newspaper, the Middle East, on Monday, to enter the State of Law coalition leader Nuri al-Maliki on the mediation for the release of Qatari fishermen who were kidnapped in southern Iraq, about two weeks before the line.
The newspaper quoted the report seen by "Sky Press," informed Iraqi sources as saying that "the former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki income to the brokerage line to secure the release of Qataris who were kidnapped in southern Iraq two weeks ago," indicating that "the request for mediation Maliki came through figures from the Sunni Arabs have good relations with him, including members of the previous parliamentary session. "
She added that "the source refused to name the Sunni Arab representatives who asked al-Maliki to move," explaining that "the reason for the request from al-Maliki is due to his influence with some of the armed factions that did not declare any of them so far claimed responsibility for the abduction of Qataris."
The religious authority condemned Friday (25-12-2015) kidnapping of Qatari fishermen who were kidnapped in Samawa desert about ten days ago, and while the incident was considered as "detrimental" to the reputation of Iraq, demanded the release of all abductees, "whoever they are."
The Interior Ministry confirmed, Tuesday, that the investigation in the kidnapping of Qatari fishermen displaying Samawah file reached an advanced stage, while suggesting to the near announcement of results of the investigation.
The governor of Muthanna Abdul Hassan Faleh Ziadi said, in (December 16, 2015) that the armed force of the "big" abducted 26 fishermen diagonally in displaying Samawah.