Maliki is talking about coexistence between Sunnis and Shiites and the isolation of "Snakes"

Monday 28-12-2015 | 4:32:36

Twilight News Vice President Nuri al-Maliki article / said on Monday that the country needs real reconciliation is far from logos, noting that the Sunnis and Shiites have realized that he has to be Altaah together and isolate what he described as snakes.

Maliki said in a speech at the ceremony, which was held on the occasion of the first anniversary break the siege Daash for Balad in Salahuddin province, it stands today, "with the people of esteemed country school Ahlulbayt students against those calling for bloodshed, hatred and sectarianism," asserting that "the rule Iraq national will is a red line. "

He added that "some of those who stand behind them, they discovered that they can not change Waltari, and realized the innocent party Sunnis and Shiites that has to be coexistence between them and isolate the snakes."

Maliki stressed "the necessity of starting the process of national reconciliation, but not slogans, but we want real reconciliation and realistic believes in the unity and sovereignty of Iraq and the firm position against Daash and sectarianism."

He also described the Islamic military alliance, which recently announced its formation as a "suspicious sectarian alliance spiteful and illusory aimed at tearing Iraq must stand with his face."