Abadi hold a meeting of Iraqi Airways, green jumper is preparing to invade the Belarusian sky

12/28/2015 7:23
Today Iraq / Baghdad
Began and ended two days ago, a joint meeting, chaired by the Minister of Transport - Baqir al-Zubaidi, with all of the airlines and the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority, and possibly to confirm the importance of the joint, said the ministry informed about the beginning of the present:
"Saw the presence of general managers where, and directors of departments specialists", and the first guide came out of the minister, we read: "The Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority - Samer Kubba, the need to take power role in the follow closely the national vector in terms of air safety, and in accordance with international standards and zero tolerance for any violation or a note, and that takes the Director-General of the professional role in the follow-up and orientation process ", and the second minister guidance," also directed, director general of Iraqi Airways - Osama al-Sadr, to be lines Bttiyareha and engineers performance, according to the approved quality standards of IATA and Alayasa, and that exceeds the cons of the last period towards the Green Bird's return to his reputation, and his outstanding performance ", and it seems that he was al-Sadr's share of the talk:" gave a detailed explanation of the most prominent lines efforts, especially in the field of training and qualification of employees, the adoption of workshops which will be held, in cooperation with Egypt Air in Iraq ", a third-Zubaidi guidelines, were:" face, that all covered by the participating courses under the supervision of the Director-General, in addition to the follow-up working on flights of pilots, technicians and hosts, in order to be on a high level of discipline level and provide decent service for travelers, "and remain on the Sabbath as well, in which the minister received:" MP Hussein Chuird - Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives, and the dreams of Husseini - Member of the Council, "During the meeting," the functions performed by the Ministry of Transport in the service of citizens review, The most prominent projects implemented by the ministry "- according to the source, the display Chuird" theme to open an air route between Iraq and Belarus for the transfer of Iraqi students in the Republic of Belarus, and the revitalization of the tourism sector between the two countries ", the desirability of the Minister of the idea, came as follows:" I shall be Iraqi Airways , for the feasibility study, and I'm with the expansion of Iraqi Airways Activity in all the world. "