Our industry Huitina..briv logo and the emptiness of content

December 27, 2015 9:25

Aziz Ibrahimi
Beautiful logo carries with it a lot of hope, to push this sector, which is a mainstay of modern civilization, and scale provided by any State, The country that do not have the corner of the industry, include its name in the minimum list of poor developing countries, no matter how good geographical location, and numerous natural resources.
Since we live in a crisis, we do not know Maladtha, we must look at all a slogan for the purpose of insights into what it really is, and to know that he founded is based, and is it a solid and realistic? Or Like other slogans accustomed in the race to emerge media time, and lead to the acquisition of a welcome place in the mind of the recipient, until the expiration of the period of official stay in office? To find a successor that what was said to him water was only a mirage Bakaah? Returned to a new cycle of deception on this poor people.
So Fmguetdy courteous to ask this question naive Are there industry in Iraq originally, even our identity attribute to it? What if the answer is negative it is without an identity? I do not think anyone does not understand what this result means! No one, more theories surprised impact on the world began asking naive, ... why the apple fell to the ground and did not go up to heaven?
Three foundations of one of the elements of the industry in any country; first is the presence of large industrial facilities, laboratories, factories, modern equipment, and the second is the human experience, and the abundance of information and accuracy skills, and thirdly flexible laws governing the various sectors, and establish the modern management foundations, and the elimination of red tape and corruption, which is the scourge of kill efforts, in addition to the laws governing the import and export, including to protect national industry.
Unfortunately we say that these three bases are not available to a large extent in the reality of the Iraqi industry today, Valmncat perished after wars and improper use in the nineties series, and the growing phenomenon of modulation than the fastest in more equipment consumption, as well as being become old and out of service, and can not be reliable in any for industrial development, Add to all that the size of slack in the number of its members, and obsolescence management systems, this with respect to the public sector, while the private sector, which was not built into the system time and did not grow properly after 2003 did not rise so far so reliable Iraq's leadership in the industry.
Experience and skills of interconnected rings series, starting with education who cares about the practical side, laboratories, and continue in the same building with continuous training and development, and to identify the new technologies, and the application of all this in the field of employment, and the case as you can see from the lack of correlation of these episodes, and Iraq today has become efficient by force and not already to the lack of work for him, but I can assure you even had the remnants of skill from an earlier time, lost by leaving it, no matter drink cigarette can not those who left her to forget how to drink it, but talk about the working methods and equations of different activities for workers control.
It is no secret to the owners of this beautiful logo that the laws that govern the industry, is one of the former regime, where remnants of becoming obsolete, and inconsistent with the nature of the new system, and imposed free market did not pull up the legislative authority for Alaabl helped in the development of what should be of laws.
What progress is not melancholy thing in not matter harassing Bmtalega this slogan, but the truth is that we should build our steps first on the basis of a realization and take out even those steps are way in the way of the desired advancement of National for our industry no matter the number of stored leather companies footwear, but also to question about the quality of those shoes compared to what exists in the market? The real cost production and is not supported? And modern equipment produced by? Productivity and capacity? And a source of raw materials? What about the tanneries processed by Wu .. ... Think not of Glory Tamara eat .. you will not even lick the glory of Sabra.