Prospective parliamentary reform modifies the rules of procedure to accelerate legislation and change the heads of "sovereign Committees"

Plans to the House of Representatives, early next February, introduce new reforms goes on its rules of procedure so as to ensure his passage of laws is far from the political consensus manner. Seeks amendment to cancel the second reading of all laws, and only debates within the Committee on, and setting timetables to pass each the meantime, the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary confirm that the upcoming reforms will speed up the process of adoption of laws, revealing that the reforms include changing the heads of six "committees sovereign" . The (long) revealed that, over a month ago, for discussion in the meetings of the parliamentary reforms of the political blocs with advisers Parliament body. Meetings, proposals and traded to speed up the process of legislation in the House of Representatives, through the preparation of summaries of the first and second reading of the bills without literal reading of the terms of the legislation. He says morning Karbouli, legal adviser to the Speaker of the Parliament, said that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives will offer amendments made ​​by the rules of procedure after the end of the holiday legislative term of the House of Representatives. " He Karbouli, told the (range), said that "what we want through these amendments is enacted by the parliament in proportion to the passage of laws in the legislature to take account of the possible speed for the advancement of political, economic and security reality of the Iraqi state." The President of Parliament adviser that "the most important amendments Agreed is the abolition of the second reading of all laws, and only displays the project or the draft law for the first reading in the parliament session, then the role of the Committee on the complexity of the discussions and dialogues sessions with the political blocs in their own offices and make adjustments comes then you are viewing to a vote immediately.
"He added Karbouli saying "The amendments also included points of order, which will be confined to the subject under discussion," he said, adding that "the new rules of procedure of the Parliament will be required of its standing committees to prepare a calendar monthly reports include a ready-made laws first reading or vote on them." He says legal adviser that "the intent of these reports , which will file committees to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, which will turn the House of Representatives put to the laws, in order for the vice prior knowledge which involves the work of each session agenda. "Theattention of Chancellor morning Karbouli that" amendments include identifying certain times to pass laws and not to leave the laws of political consensus ", adding that "the consensus is always open and led to disable a lot of important laws such as oil and gas, the Federal Court, which Togela since the previous two sessions." It goes on Karbouli said, "of the issues that will occur on the rules of procedure is the formation of special committees looked institutions and ministries of the government with all the amendments to be conducted the laws of interest to this ministry or organization, in order to avoid the subject of appeals laws and access to a common and uniform ideas. "The attention of the Speaker of Parliament adviser to be" among the amendments to be submitted by the Presidium of the House of Representatives is the formation of a committee of experts whose mission would be meeting with the political blocs that have objections to some of the laws and the convergence of views on contentious points. "confirms Parliamentary Counsel ability of this committee to provide solutions to pass the controversial laws, noting that the reforms" will include the formation of a team of legal continue with the government for the references of any law before sending it to parliament. "reveals Karbouli understandings to form a joint team of legal experts in the government and parliament to review all laws to be adopted by the House of Ministers in order to overcome all the obstacles and problems encountered in passing the legislation of parliament. "In the opinion Parliamentary Counsel that the amendments to be made ​​to the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives comes as part of package reforms intended to the Presidency of the Parliament submitted the beginning of next February.Conversely Legal Committee confirm the existence of a parliamentary intention to introduce reforms package after the end of the current legislative term holiday., Says MP Kazem Al Shammari (range), "The reforms to be launched by the House of Representatives include the development of solutions to speed up the pass laws, as well as change some of the heads of the committees." He said Shammari " What concerns us is the performance of parliamentary committees and dealing with laws that now many of them hang because of differences ", is certain that" the next legislative term will also include the replacement of the heads of sovereign committees and deputies and its decisions. "The Presidency of the Council of Representatives agreed with the heads of political blocs on the management of sovereign parliamentary committees are every two years periodically according to the ingredients. The attention of the Attorney for the National that "the number of committees that will change their heads up to 6 committees including the Committee on Security, defense, foreign, financial and legal relations," pointing out that "the changes will be gradual.