National Coalition Calls for the establishment of specialized committees to review all verdicts claims confidential informant

The head of the parliamentary bloc, the National Coalition, on Sunday, the judiciary to speed up the formation of specialized committees to review all verdicts on the grounds confidential informant. Kazim said Shammari said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of which we are "at the time we applaud the position of Minister of Justice Haider Zamili detects the cause of the presence of more than 500 confidential informant were arrested recently, claiming the charges malicious, we would like to mention Mahdhirna to him previously on several occasions that there are quite a number of innocent people languishing in prisons as a result of confidential informant claims through the exploitation of many of the authorities to this matter for the liquidation of opponents or for the purposes of financial blackmail ". "The confidential informant style is important not put a question by the signs as the title, being indispensable in intelligence work part, but Iraq's special circumstances and overlaps and events interlocking and fast made several parties exploit this matter for the purposes of private and lost its usefulness in the prosecution of criminals and terrorists and turned into a a tool to bring down the innocent and exploitation. " He said Shammari said "our duty and during phase case and within the reforms advocated and advocated by the Iraqi people to follow this file very privacy, and that is the formation of several specialized committees and rapidly to review all verdicts related issues Palmbr secret and release of not guilty and redraw the mechanics of adoption Detective secret way that causes us to restructure the intelligence side so as to achieve the desired goals and that Iraq out of its current situation ".