Defense: hours to resolve the battle of Ramadi and the evacuation of besieged families
13:10 GMT
Follow-up - and babysit - predicted the Ministry of Defence, on Saturday, to resolve a battle near the city of Ramadi center during the next few hours.
He said ministry spokesman Naseer Nouri, "most of the families have been evacuated from the besieged Ramadi," adding that "the movement of troops will be easier to free neighborhoods of the population and there is a determination to resolve the battle in the coming hours."

However, to say, "but we remain cautious to avoid any losses justified on the grounds that the process entered in full decisiveness," adding, "The exact description of the battle has become a battle of more than a combat engineering effort."

He added that "Daash attacked yesterday seven car bombs have been addressed and completely destroyed," noting that "the terrorists once and lost control of the situation in the city."

He pointed to Nuri "They [terrorists] are stationed only at the government complex and some pockets of some neighborhoods in the city, which are very few and Thread past to resolve the final hours in close."