Baath announce his support and support for the alliance Arabia

Baath Party announced its support and support for the alliance "Islamic" led by Saudi Arabia. The dissolved party, expressed its support and backing of the Alliance [Arab and Muslim] led by Saudi Arabia "sister". Saudi Arabia was announced on the 15th of this month, suddenly formed an alliance "Islamist" militarily includes 34 countries said it Daash to bomb in Iraq and Syria. Iraq and expressed his rejection of this alliance has ruled out where Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, 17 this month, to be the "real coalition, but paper and media because our contacts with a number of countries have shown unwillingness to contribute to military forces in this alliance."
He pointed out that "the nations fighting terrorism and Iraq and Syria does not exist, how this alliance will fight terror and we we asked these countries to help Iraq since a year and a half and there was not any help ?!".
While expressing Prime Minister's Office, Iraq's rejection of any military operation or a raid by coalition Chen Saudi Arabia or any other country without the permission and the consent of the government Alaracah.