Judiciary: We have arrested 30 people, an official passports stolen

12/26/2015 10:31

BAGHDAD / obelisk announced the Supreme Judicial Council, the Sabbath, that some people are trying to leave the country, an official passports "stolen" Do not go back to them, and in between they are getting those passports via the "mafias Turkish" about a thousand dollars, he said he was arrested 30 people tried Departure in this way during the first half of this year.

He said an investigative judge first Baya charity glorious in a press statement issued by the judiciary, published by the local media and I followed, "obelisk", "The past period has seen cases catch the people tried to leave the country, an official passports but they do not go back to them, but issued by European countries."

He explained that "these travelers using passports either stolen, or they return to their fellow immigrants previously, help them to leave the country, hoping to get a chance to asylum".

It glorious, that "the first half of this year saw the arrest of about 30 people tried to leave the country in this way," adding that "the means of modern technology and the use of iris may prevent the impunity of many, contrary to what was previously, now is unearthed directly and arrest by troops in the airport. "

For his part, said an investigative judge Baghdad airport lawsuits Qutaiba Badie, according to the statement, said that "these defendants arrested Inside the Baghdad International Airport or in other countries air ports and are being returned to Iraq detainees," adding that "the facts before us stating that access on stolen passports is through organized gangs (mafias), operating mostly in Turkey. "

And between Badi, that "wishing to travel relation to these mafias either via the Internet, or through intermediaries Iraqis carry fake names in order to receive a European passport back to the person holding the features close to the facial expressions," asserting that "the prices are not high and the Department of Immigration does not exceed the price thousand US dollars. "

The Committee on Immigration parliamentary confirmed, on Thursday (20 August 2015), that a lot of displaced people in Iraq began outside the migration illegally for asylum in European countries, calling on the government to pay attention to this phenomenon and to develop solutions.