Internal Iraqi Kurdistan, demanded to hand over internal Hashemi
04/03/2012 13:42

Arbil, March 4 / March (Rn) - The Iraqi Interior Ministry on Sunday, the Interior Ministry of the Kurdistan region to hand over the Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi to set a date for trial.

A statement issued by the Interior, the agency received the Kurdish news agency (Rn) a copy of it today that "at the request of the judiciary suspect Tariq Ahmed Bakr Al Hashimi and to determine a trial date requested by the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Interior of the Kurdistan region the arrest warrant issued against him."

The statement added that "Iraqi Interior demanded the handover of Hashimi to the judicial authorities in Baghdad, where he received confirmed information structure of the escape of the accused said the province out of Iraq."

And issued the Iraqi judiciary on Monday (12/19/2011) arrest warrant against al-Hashemi after being accused of involvement in the implementation of armed attacks against members of the security officials. Involves an arrest warrant for the possibility of fueling sectarian tensions in Iraq following the withdrawal of U.S. forces, as the agreement puts the fragile power-sharing in danger.

Hashemi and questioned in the confessions offered by the Iraqi television station to protect members of the said they were carrying out killings on his orders.