Denmark provides $ 3.3 million to support stability in Iraq

2412 2015
The United Nations announced a grant awarded Denmark to support Iraq's stability and the promotion of participatory governance responsible.

A statement from the UN Development Programme said in a statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the program with Denmark signed a grant agreement worth $ 3.3 million to support participatory governance and responsible security reform and the restoration of stability in Iraq."

The statement added, "The grant will be distributed to projects" promote participatory governance responsible "and" support security sector reform second phase "and" financing the immediate stabilization fund ", which comes in the framework of UNDP support government efforts to build a more secure, prosperous and democratic ".

Deputy Director of the United Nations Development Programme in Iraq Sultan Hagiyev "contribute to such a generous grant to the sustainability of the important activities that help Iraq in the transition from crisis to stable and democratic functioning state. We thank Denmark for its support and partnership in our efforts to promote the progress of the Iraqi people."

For his part, Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen said, "I am very pleased declaration of this contribution. Our goal, with the United Nations Development Programme, to support the Government of Iraq as it faces several challenges, including the threat of Daash," adding, "The stability of Iraq is very important in order to enable displaced people to return to their homes, and encourages the Danish grant cohesive effort focuses on restoring stability in the newly liberated areas, and promote the participation of all ethnic and religious minorities at all levels. "

He continued that "Denmark's contribution to the restoration of stability is an important part of the broader Danish role in peace and stability in Iraq and the region."

And it supports "immediate funding stabilization fund" priorities determined by the local authorities to restore stability in the liberated areas of control "Daash".

The fund is used to finance infrastructure President, including clinics, police stations and water plants and electricity networks and government buildings and roads. It also covers operating through short-term local families and jobs and returning the program, small grants to institutions in order to revive the local economy. And allocate part of the funding for the granting of credit to small community-based organizations working on reconciliation.

The aim of the project "Strengthening participatory governance responsible" to ensure the active participation of civil society, religious and ethnic minorities in the legislative and regulatory processes at the national level and in some provinces. It also seeks to increase the interaction of elected officials and their response to the needs of all Iraqi citizens and their demands, specifically vulnerable groups.

The "supporting security sector reform" project in the second phase, it is common with the national security adviser's office, and seeks to strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in the Iraqi security sector.

Other objectives include: the establishment of mechanisms for cooperation, and strengthen the regulatory capacity of the Security and Defense Committee in parliament, and increase participation with civil society and strengthen its capacity in the field of security reform.

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