A member of the parliamentary finance denies stop appointments

12/24/2015 14:40

BAGHDAD / obelisk denied the parliamentary finance committee member Husam punitive, Thursday, to stop the appointments in the departments and institutions of the state for three years to come in connection with the potential of the World Bank loan damage, stressing that the 2016 budget contained more than 32 000 degrees and careers were divided between defense and health Judicial Council the above.

He said punitive in a statement seen by "obelisk", that "the amount that Iraq recently borrowed from the World Bank conditions that do not include stop the appointments and increasing fuel prices", calling for "ascites information from specific sources."

He punitive "the importance of moving away from media statements inaccurate", adding that "the budget that in 2016 included the creation of 20 000 degrees and careers of the Ministry of Defense and 12 000 degrees of health and 250 to the Supreme Judicial Council, as well as grades resulting from deletion and development."

The member of the parliamentary finance committee that he "met with Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister and Governor of the Central Bank in charge of completing the loan with the World Bank, who have confirmed that the bank did not put conditions to stop the appointments in Iraq and increase in oil fuel prices," noting that "the World Bank on condition that no refund will be given salaries and grants to employees, and that in order to distract the electric power to support and develop oil installations. "

The parliamentary Finance Committee member Jabbar al-Abadi, Monday (December 21 2015) he was not a decision is made to stop the appointments in Iraq for a certain period, and as pointed out that the proportion of staff in Iraq compared to the population is very high, he explained that Iraq "compelled" to borrow.

The member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Masood Haider revealed on Monday (21 December 2015), the lack of appointments in the country up to 2019, attributing the reason for this is to lower the sale price of oil.