Iraq warns against failure to resolve the outstanding problems before the Arab Summit will help thwart the Summit
since 3 hours 34 minute

Sam and brother of Mullah MP warned the Iraqi List, Hamid al-Mutlaq, if it does not solve the internal problems of the relationship between the political blocs, and we went Mfirqan will not give a rosy picture for the development of the Iraqis and we will help in the failure of the Summit. And al-Mutlaq said in a statement singled out by the correspondent of the news agency News (brother): that of national duty and responsibility to hold a national conference to resolve our internal problems to go strong, unified vision to be effective for the success of the Arab summit conference. Noting "that not to hold a national conference and solve the outstanding problems will go all the political blocs to raise issues within the Arab Summit and this introduces us to confuse.