Where are they? .. Abadi: we have launched a campaign reforms included the fight against corruption and bureaucracy!

Dated: December 23, 2015

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi, the prime minister, to achieve victories in the city of Ramadi, Anbar province, and that the atmosphere is ripe now to attract investment to Iraq, by providing support and facilities for the success of its work in all Amajalat.onql a statement his office for Abadi said during his speech at the Iraqi Chinese Economic Cooperation Forum, which opened in Beijing this morning, saying: "It is true that Iraq fighting a war to face a gang of terrorist Daash but we have succeeded, thanks to our armed forces and volunteers of our heroes to achieve victories and clearing large areas," Jia said. "happy news today is to restore and edit the city of Ramadi, and we are determined then to liberate Mosul," pointing out that "most of the Iraqi provinces are safe and works by big corporations," stressing that "the government is encouraging investment process and bring global companies." He pointed Abadi "We've launched wide reforms campaign included the fight against corruption and bureaucracy and we are working on finding attractive investment environment and to meet our needs in the area of ​​housing, services, electricity, oil, etc., as well as the urgent need for us to arming and development of military industry. "He called Abadi Chinese companies to" Invest in Iraq ", promising to" provide support and facilities to the success of its work in all areas, "adding that" Iraq has enormous economic capabilities and the diversity of human It is the cradle of agriculture in light of the Tigris and Euphrates, and about eighty percent of the area is safe, stable and ripe for investment. "He explained that" trade between Iraq and China size achieved an increase Large amounted to about fifty-fold since 2003 and until 2014, "noting that" our visit to China today aims to strengthen economic and trade cooperation between our two countries and our two peoples who possess two great civilizations relations ".ofatt statement to the opening of the Forum was the participation of" major Chinese specialized company heads in construction and reconstruction and services, electricity, roads, telecommunications and armaments areas, a large number of businessmen and investors, as well as ministers from members of the Iraqi delegation. " The prime minister Haider al-Abadi arrived at dawn on Tuesday at the head of a ministerial delegation to China, signed during the visit, five agreements with Beijing.