Iraq proposed the establishment of a joint stock company for the construction of the port of Faw

2312 2015
Welcomed Transport Minister Bayan Jabr, last Sunday, a proposal presented by the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Mazen Mezni on the formation of the contribution of the people of Basra company to build a port of Faw.

Said Mezni that «a draft port of Faw lose in order to see the feat achieved and the reasons that prevent the completion of this strategic project proportions», adding that «the federal government in providing necessary for the completion of this project financial liquidity, because of its great economic returns for the country contribute to the increase imports and ease the cash shortage of the general budget. »

The member of the Committee on Energy to that «proposed the formation of a holding company in the province of Basra in which citizens share capital rate (49 percent), local and federal governments by (51 percent), in order to complete the project», indicating that «Transport Minister welcomed this proposal When you meet him earlier ».

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